Baiturrahman Grand Mosque
Banda Aceh
About Banda Aceh
Banda Aceh, formerly known as Kutaradja, is the capital and largest city in the province of Aceh, Indonesia. It is located on the island of Sumatra and has an elevation of 35 meters. The city covers an area of 64 square kilometres and had a population of 259,913 people, according to the 2017 census. Banda Aceh is located on the northwestern tip of Indonesia at the mouth of the Aceh River.

The city was originally established as Bandar Aceh Darussalam Kandang and served as a capital and hub for the Sultanate of Aceh upon its foundation in the late 15th century. Later its name was changed to Bandar Aceh Darussalam, and then became popularly known as Banda Aceh. The first part of the name comes from the Persian Bandar (بندر) meaning "port" or "haven." The city is also dubbed the "port to Mecca," or the "porch of Mecca" (Indonesian: Serambi Mekkah) in reference to the days when hajj pilgrims travelled by sea from Indonesia and would make a stop over in the city before continuing their journey to Mecca.

Banda Aceh is a historical-rich city. This city had long story due to the protracted conflicts between the Acehnese and foreign domination, including war with portuguese, wars with the Dutch and the Japanese. The city rose to international prominence in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean earthquake in 2004, which struck off the western coast of Sumatra. Banda Aceh was the closest major city to the earthquake's epicentre, which lay 249 km off the coast. It suffered great damage in the earthquake and further damage when a tsunami struck shortly afterwards.

Despite severely affected by the 2004 tsunami, Banda Aceh has been amazingly recovered. It is widely known as one of the most cultural and historical-rich city in Indonesia, offering you an enjoyable stay with its stunning culture, tourism spots, and unforgettable culinary options.

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How to Visit Banda Aceh

Visit Banda Aceh by Plane (Flight)

Banda Aceh is a visa-on-arrival and free visa entry point. There are two direct international regular flights to Banda Aceh. The international flight operated by Air Asia from KLIA International Airport, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Firefly from Penang International Airport, Penang, Malaysia. There are some domestic regular flights operated by Garuda Indonesia from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta (frequent); Batik Air and Lion Air from Halim Perdana Kusuma International Airport, Jakarta (frequent); and Citylink and Lion Air from Kualanamu International Airport, Medan (frequent). More information about Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport, please visit:


Visit Banda Aceh by Bus

The road from Medan to Banda Aceh are now reasonable. There are non-stop night buses from Medan to Banda Aceh with travel times ranging from 10-12 hours. Major bus companies such as Simpati Star, Putra Pelangi and Kurnia have offices on Jl. Gajah Mada, Medan. Price ranges from Rp 110,000 in a regular-sized-seat bus to Rp 200,000 in a wide-seat bus.
Visa Information

By Presidential Decree of 21 of 2016 dated on 2 March 2016 on Visa Free, replacing Presidential Regulation Number 104/2015 on Amendments to Presidential Regulation Number 69/2015 on Visa Free, Indonesia now provides special Short Stay Visa Free facilities for tourists who are nationals of a total 169 countries who wish to travel to Indonesia. If the 30 days of Visit Visa Exemption facility feels insufficient, visitor still can apply for Visa on Arrival (given for 30 days and extendable for another 30 days) or Visit Visa. Others nationals that not granted with either visa on arrival favor nor visa free favor from Indonesia government may apply for tourist visa at Indonesia embassy abroad.

Free Visa

Free Visa Facilities are valid for 30 days, are non-extendable and cannot be transferred into any other type of of stay permit. The visa exemption facility can be used for tourism, family visit, social visit, art and cultural, government duty, to deliver a speech or attend a seminar, international exhibition, meetings with head office or representative office in Indonesia, or transit only. More information about Free Visa, please visit: index.php/en/layanan-publik/ bebas-visa#free-visa-countries-list


Visa on Arrival

In accordance with the Regulation of Minister of Law and Human Right of the Republic of Indonesia Number: 21, on August 26, 2015, citizen from 65 countries and 1 region are eligible for obtaining Visa on Arrival (VOA). The Indonesian Government extends Visa on Arrival (VoA) to nationals of 65 countries and 1 region which can be obtained at designated entry airports and sea ports. Visa-on-Arrival are valid for 30 days and are extendable with another 30 days to be applied at Immigration offices in Indonesia. Visas cost US$35.

This visa can be obtained directly when you are landed at the certain airports and seaport in Indonesia regardless of the purpose of your visits (Business, Tourist, Social). The Visa on Arrival is not a work visa nor a visitation visa. Therefore, it cannot be converted to obtain other immigration permits. The maximum stays permitted for the visa on arrival is 30 days. If you plan to stay longer than 30 days, you need to mention your intention to stay longer. Visa on Arrival can be extended for another 30 days. More information about Visa on Arrival, please visit: index.php/en/ public-services/ visit-visa#general-info

Tourist Attraction in Aceh
Aceh has a lot of tourist attractions to offer. Whether you plan to explore some parts of Aceh or Banda Aceh only, you will surely be captivated by the scenery, culture and its people. Please refer to this video for your snapshots of the light of Aceh

Some tourist attractions in Banda Aceh include Mesjid Raya Baiturrahman (great mosque), Tsunami Museum, Rumoh Aceh (Aceh traditional house), Lampulo Boat, PLTD Apung I, Lhoknga beach and many others. If you are willing to extend your conference trip, it is highly recommended to visit Weh Island, for its magnificent beaches and underwater life, as well as Takengon (Gayo highland, Central Aceh) for its beautiful lake, DanauLautTawar, and nature.

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Hotel Information


Hotel's Name

Website/No. Telp/E-mail


Price (IDR) / Night


Hermes Palace Hotel


Deluxe - President suite



Wisma Lamprit

0651- 23995




Penginapan Mita Mulia

Hp. 0821-1460-5456 /





Serambi Mekkah Hotel

0812 6317 4989

Economy - Superior



Asrama Haji


Standard / + Extra bed



Lamnyong Hotel Syariah


Hp. 0823 6650 2162 

Standard – Executive



Kuala Radja Hotel

0651-29687/635174 /

Superior B – Suite room



Madinah hotel

0651-21415/ hp 0852-7052-8804

Standard - Suite



Hotel Mekkah


Standard - Executive

500.000– 2.500.000


Hotel Adila

Hp. 0852 6037 4449

Standard- Luxury room



Siwah Hotel


Standard - Executive



Hotel Lading


Standard - Deluxe room



Hotel Wisata


Standard - Deluxe



Hotel Medan


Standard - VVIP



Hotel Prapat


Standard - Superior



Oasis Atjeh Hotel


Deluxe - Executive suite



Grand Nanggroe Hotel


Deluxe - Executive suite



Permata Hati Hotel


Standard - VIP



Hotel 61




Wisma Kompas Unsyiah

Hp. 0852-6066-9445



Conference Venue

The conference venue is located at Hermes Palace Hotel, Jalan T. Panglima Nyak Makam, Banda Aceh, Aceh Province, Indonesia. ICAGRI participants who wish to stay in this hotel, booking can made through phone (+62651 7555888) or email ( Please quote “Unsyiah” to get special price. Further information can be seen on the following link: